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Finding Girlfriends

Nov 16, 2017

We get into the very busy Season 1 finale, as Joan takes the other Girlfriends to Sinbad’s Music Festival in Jamaica. On the island, Maya gets a life-changing bikini wax, Lynn meets a love-life-changing Jamaican, and Toni engages Terrell Davis. But the whole thing backfires spectacularly when Joan confesses to...

Nov 9, 2017

Clay proposes to Toni with a fat rock, Maya fakes the big O and William demands Yvonne quit the force after she gets shot in the booty. Meanwhile, Joan tells Greg about Toni’s engagement and f*cks everything up. Which perfectly gift wraps our brand-new segment!

Nov 2, 2017

Jejune Joan yearns for Sean to say “I love you.” Trashy Toni sleeps with Greg and Dr. Spencer on the same night and gets chlamydia. Mouthy Maya distrusts the temp who filled in for her. Wacky William has some funny lines. And Loopy Lyn is… solid in middle relief. The guys discuss!

Oct 26, 2017

Maya struggles to be intimate with Darnell after her surgery, Toni helps Greg sell a painting but… it’s complicated, William dispenses amusing advice and Lyn remains man-less. Oh and Joan tells Sean she kissed Davis and must deal with the consequences. The guys discuss all of that plus: Is 847 the real MVP of...

Oct 19, 2017

As Joan's relationship with Sean intensifies, the other girlfriends, especially Lyn, become increasingly jealous. Meanwhile, Maya has surgery, Toni fights with Greg and William lets it all hang out. The guys discuss!